Freetown Waste is committed to tackling challenges such as rising level of unemployment, environmental pollution, carbon emission and general environmental sustainability.

Freetown Waste aims to have subsidiaries in various countries across the world and to also have companies under its Franchise Scheme. This would aid in solving the problem of waste tyres in other countries.

FREEE Recycle Holding Limited “FREEE Recycle” was incorporated in UK in July 2021. Freetown Waste Management Recycle Limited ‘Freetown Waste Nigeria’ is a subsidiary of FREEE Recycle Holding Limited UK.

FREEE Recycle intends to set up recycling and manufacturing companies in Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Kenya and South Africa. Apart from having its Holding Company in the UK, it also intends to setup an operating facility in the UK.

In addition to FREEE subsidiaries, FREEE Recycle has setup its franchise scheme which would allow other entities/companies/individuals to operate under its franchise scheme.

Provision of project development support, start-up support and ongoing operational support would be borne by FREEE Recycle.

For more information, kindly click here to download the Franchise Scheme Brief.