Our Partners


Arup (www.arup.com/offices/nigeria) is a renowned international firm with renowned designers, engineers, architects, planners, and technical specialists. Arup offers comprehensive engineering and consultancy services. The company’s expertise spans across. The company’s expertise spans across Transport, Energy, Water and Environment, Hospitality, Agriculture, Recycling sectors. Arup services include provision of Structural, Civil/Infrastructure, Geotechnical Engineering services, Waste Management Plan and Project Management services

Ayus Peterson Technical Company – Technical Partner (ayuspeterson.ng)  is a full-service industrial engineering company specialised in industrial metal fabrication, installation, moulding and maintenance.

Alfa-SPK LLC (www.alfaspk.ru) is a large and reliable company that was founded in 2003 and has created its name as the largest Russia organization for the supply of high-quality and tested goods, construction and specialized industrial equipment in the field of waste processing and continuous market monitoring, as well as the introduction of new types of specialized equipment and special equipment on the market necessary for the full development of enterprises.

Sage Grey Finance Limited (www.sage-grey.com) is a finance services company incorporated in Nigeria. The Company is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). They offer Financial Services, Advisory services, Fund Management Service and other services as authorised by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

SimmonsCooper Partners (www.scp-law.com) is a leading law firm registered in Nigeria. Their leading regulatory practice has seen them represent a diversified client base in various sectors including gas, antitrust, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, environmental, capital market, food and drug, state finance, government contracts and international trade.

  • Balaah Hope Initiative for Child Adolescent Health Limited GTE (balaahhope.com) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization borne out of the passion to educate and advocate health services for adolescents, as well as facilitate the improvement of the lives of the Nigerian child.

BASF (www.basf.com) is a large company of 11 divisions that are aggregated into six segments based on their business models and 361 additional production sites in more than 90 countries.The divisions bear operational responsibility and are organized according to sectors or products. Company motto: We create chemistry – around the globe